Kay P.

Homemaker/Part-time Bookkeeper
North Palm Beach, FL
Treated with SAVI – April 2012

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I received my diagnosis on March 2, 2012. Fortunately, I have had yearly mammograms at Margaret W. Niedland Breast Center, which is a part of Jupiter Medical Center in Jupiter, Florida. It is a state-of-the-art facility, and because my mammograms always lead to ultrasound due to dense breast tissue, I was offered 3-D mammography. It is a new imaging technology that spotted my cancer.

My lumpectomy was performed on April 6, 2012. My surgeon, Dr. John A.P. Rimmer in Jupiter, told me that I was an excellent candidate for SAVI and the opportunity to bypass whole breast radiation really appealed to me.

I went into my surgeon’s office on Thursday, April 19th to have the device inserted. The area rep for SAVI attended and was wonderfully supportive and very helpful. The following Monday, I began my twice daily treatments with my Radiation Oncologist, Dr. David Herold, also in Jupiter. After my last treatment on Friday afternoon, he removed the device.

Having the SAVI treatment was the best decision for me. It was relatively painless and knowing that my entire breast was not involved was comforting. If your surgeon gives you the option for SAVI, do your homework. Read everything you can, as there is a lot of information available. I am truly a believer in the SAVI procedure. It sounds quite intimidating and overwhelming when one first hears about it, but education and contact with others is very helpful. After informing myself as thoroughly as possible, I knew that this was the best treatment for me. I am very pleased with my decision!

If there is any way that I can ever help anyone who is considering SAVI, I would be honored.