SAVI Sister - Linda K.

Linda K.

Sales Clerk
Leesburg, FL
Treated with SAVI – May 2013

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After my routine mammogram in March 2013, I was told they saw something and I needed to have it repeated. They still saw something and I needed to have a core biopsy done. After the biopsy, my gynocologist said it came back non-cancerous, but it was something called atypical hyperplasia, which is a precursor to cancer, meaning at some point it could become cancer. She recommended I see a breast surgeon, so I saw Dr. Borys Mascarenhas in early April. He did a lumpectomy just as a precautionary measure to remove it. Thank goodness he did, because on April 17th, they told me the results from that came back as cancer! Needless to say my surgeon and I were both surprised.

Dr. Mascarenhas told me about the SAVI radiation treatment and said he thought it would be the best treatment for me. I must admit I was scared and had a million thoughts going through my head. I went to the SAVI Sisters stories and was surprised to see a story from a woman in my same town with my same doctors! I emailed her and she told me it was painless and remarkably easy. Her words were very comforting and reassuring to me.

I started my radiation on May 8th and finished May 14th. I have to say, I am so surprised how easy it was. I actually went to Epcot the same night I finished my treatment! The staff at Florida Hospital Waterman Cancer Institute went above and beyond to make me feel at ease and comfortable as could be! I truly feel blessed to have had them all on my team. There are no words to thank them. I am so thankful for the SAVI 5-day radiation therapy and all the doctors and nurses who helped me through this!