SAVI Sister - Linda R.

Linda R.

Manager, Nemours Children’s Health System
Salem, NJ
Treated with SAVI – May 2014

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I learned I had breast cancer after going for my yearly routine mammogram. For my treatments, I was told about traditional radiation, which would be 37 treatments over 6 weeks and SAVI radiation therapy, which would be 10 treatments over 5 days. It was my medical oncologist, Dr. Timothy Wozniak, who first mentioned SAVI as a good treatment for me. My surgeon, Dr. Emily Penman, who I loved, did recommend it after she received my pathology report. I had to ask my radiation oncologist, Dr. Michael Dzeda about SAVI and if I was a good candidate. He left the room looked at my films again and then said I was a good candidate. He then brought the SAVI device into the room and showed it to me and gave me some additional literature about the process. I chose SAVI because it’s only 5 days and provided a more targeted treatment, which I think are the biggest benefits.

I started my treatment on a Monday. The first two days I was very active between treatments. Wednesday I rested. By Thursday I was tired. I decided to take the week off due to the fact that I had to travel almost an hour to my treatments.

The procedure to have SAVI inserted was minor. I used Tylenol as needed. For me personally, I would like to have known a little more about the treatment itself. I did not know that I would have a scan prior to each treatment. This was especially important for me since I am claustrophobic. But I had a wonderful treatment team that was very patient with me during the first scan when I started to panic. Once I had my first radiation treatment, I was fine since the room was open. As the week progressed, I wondered more and more about the removal process. Then on Friday morning, my nurse who had been sensing my anxiety about it explained the process to me and I am glad she did. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected it might be.

Overall this was the right decision for me. I had no issues once the device was removed and I returned to work on Monday. My incisions healed nicely. I would absolutely recommend the SAVI treatment to anyone.