SAVI Sister - Lisa S.

Lisa S.

Credit Underwriter
Newark, Delaware
Treated with SAVI – June 2013

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I was previously diagnosed with breast cancer 16 years ago, and was treated then with a lumpectomy and traditional radiation treatments that ended up giving me burns, went on for weeks, and I had a recurrence of my cancer within two years. Then I had a complete mastectomy of my left breast with reconstruction.

Now, I had it in my right breast! My surgeon, Dr. Emily Penman with the Helen Graham Cancer Center, suggested having the SAVI 5-day therapy this time to save myself all those weeks of treatments.

My radiation oncologist was Dr. Jon Strasser. I have to say that it went rather well. Two treatments daily spaced 6 hours apart for 5 days. The treatments took about 45 minutes total with the imaging each time to make sure the SAVI was in the proper place. After the last treatment, the device was removed. I was apprehensive about what to expect when they pulled it out, but my breast was numbed first, so it was quick and I experienced very minor discomfort.

Hopefully, this method of radiation treatment is also more targeted at the site, and I will not have the cancer come back again! I did have to adhere to several restrictions while having the SAVI device—no lifting over 4 lbs on the affected side; no bending over; no vacuuming, doing laundry or grocery shopping; no raising my arm over my head on the affected side, and I could not shower while the device was in. When you have cancer, you just want things to be “normal” again. On balance I would choose this method again.