Margie L.

Ticketing Services Manager
Las Vegas, NV
Treated with SAVI – June 2012

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I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2012. I have extremely dense tissue, and I am very large breasted, so I was concerned about the amount of radiation they would need to use to get through and cover my tissue. So concerned, I was actually going to have a bilateral mastectomy to have both breasts removed!

Five weeks after my lumpectomy, I went to my surgeon Dr. Margaret Terhar at the Comprehensive Cancer Center at Southern Hills Hospital in Las Vegas to discuss a bilateral mastectomy, and instead she recommended the SAVI. I said, “Okay…I’m in!”

A wonderful SAVI rep was actually there for the insertion, which I must say didn’t hurt at all, and she truly made me feel safe and okay with everything! The treatments were simple; a CT scan before each treatment, then I’d get hooked up to a radiation machine, close my eyes, and after 3 minutes (yep, 3) I was done. Twice a day for 5 days.

I had no discomfort at all having the SAVI in. I actually told my sister that if I couldn’t see the tube coming out of my breast I wouldn’t even know a device was inside of my breast! I slept, moved around, dressed, sponge bathed, all very easily.

At my last treatment, my Radiation Oncologist (Dr. Michael Anderson) came in to take out the device, he said “Okay” and I said “I’m ready!” and he said “No, I meant okay, you’re done, the device is out.” I didn’t even feel it come out!

I have healed so nicely! The day after I finished treatment I was out with friends and less than a week later and I was back to the gym, feeling great, with barely a scratch on me…ok…a little one.

I am so thankful I had this treatment. I feel so fortunate to have qualified and breezed through this. I am just so thrilled this was offered. I had no idea! I wish more people knew about this option.

Thank you SAVI 🙂 for your part in my survivorship and the ease of this treatment!