Marlene K.

Sun Lakes, AZ
Treated with SAVI – January 2012

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When I found out I had breast cancer, I was referred to the best surgeon around, Dr. Edgar Hernandez at Halstead Breast Clinic.

When it came to my treatment options, Dr. Hernandez presented the SAVI to me as his best recommendation for my situation and I was excited to learn about it. It sounded like it would be done quickly and let me get on with my life. So I said “SAVI it is.” Dr. Hernandez worked as a team with my radiation oncologist, Dr. Olyejar at Ironwood Clinic and both were phenomenal, including their nurses and assistants.

It only took five days of treatment! The insertion was a little uncomfortable and I was a little bit tired, but I was able to do everything I normally do.

This was a completely unknown journey for me but the doctors and the SAVI treatment took away all my fears! I truly feel I had the most wonderful care and the best possible treatment. I would recommend this treatment to everyone. It is THE BEST!