Marlene U.

Sacramento, CA
Treated with SAVI – November 2010

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My first thought when my surgeon mentioned SAVI was “Sign me up!” I hadn’t heard of 5-day radiation before, but once he explained the benefits of SAVI, I had no doubt that was the treatment I wanted. I’m a very active person – I work, I like to exercise, I walk a lot – so seven weeks of treatment would have been very difficult for me, especially with the many side effects that come with whole breast radiation.

All in all, the treatment was very manageable. Having the device in was a little uncomfortable, but I never had to take anything more than Motrin. I was shocked at how easy it was to insert and remove – I was very interested in the whole process and the doctors and nurses at the UCDMC Cancer Center were great about keeping me informed every step of the way. Each day was an educational experience!

SAVI is just remarkable. I nicknamed the device my “SAVI Sister.” And while I admire her ability to direct radiation to targeted sites and get the job done in five days, I am happy that she’s no longer living with me. If anyone is considering this an option for their radiation treatment, I highly recommend it and would be happy to communicate with any potential SAVI patient.