SAVI Sister - Mary Anne H.

Mary Anne H.

Leawood, KS
Treated with SAVI – March 2015

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After being diagnosed and treated for DCIS in February 2004, I had a lumpectomy followed by whole breast radiation. I was carefully followed thereafter, and having successfully had negative mammograms, felt I was “cured”. Then in January 2014, a mention was made of 3-D mammogram as a thought for the following year. I checked with my surgeon, and he agreed that was a good idea because of my dense breast tissue. Well, in February of 2015 the 3-D mammogram was suspicious, and after a breast ultrasound and a biopsy, the pathology report confirmed focal ductal carcinoma in situ, size at least 8 mm. and calcifications present in association with invasive carcinoma.
SAVI brachytherapy was so highly recommended—both my surgeon, Dr. Lon McCroskey and my radiation oncologist, Dr. Vickie Massey said I was truly a “perfect” candidate for it, based on my age, pathology report, etc. Dr. McCroskey explained about SAVI, and of course knew I’d had whole breast irradiation (WBI) in the past and he liked SAVI. My physicians were excellent in all respects and I trusted them completely.
The SAVI treatment program is wonderful. I was really quite tired when going through with the WBI treatment back in 2004, but this time around I experienced very little fatigue with SAVI. Other than committing myself to driving time (30 minutes each way) and treatment twice a day, it was wonderful. And it was only for 5 days.