Rebecca Wall

Mary S.

Unix Systems Engineer / Musician
Glen Ellyn, IL
Treated with SAVI – May 2012

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Cancer is one scary road that we’re walking down and none of us really knows where the journey is going to take us. When I was told about the SAVI treatment option by my surgeon and my radiation oncologist, I knew that SAVI was what I had to do. I was unemployed and I wanted to get back to work as soon as possible. Getting partial breast radiation therapy twice a day for only one week (as opposed to six-plus weeks of traditional whole breast radiation treatments) would allow me the treatment necessary to first, get healthy, and second, get back to work as quickly as possible.

I’m not going to say I wasn’t concerned about my physical reaction to the treatment or, that I wasn’t concerned about having the SAVI device under my arm for over a week. I will say that my fears were really unfounded. My reaction was minimal (a little sensitivity and dry skin on the breast) and the biggest issue during the treatment was the lack of a morning shower to get me going. (Sponge bathes and wash clothes just aren’t the same. Oh, I did go to the salon to get my hair washed and styled as a treat half way through…felt great!)

I can’t say that anything ever really “hurt.” I will say that I was “aware” of the device, I was “aware” of being hooked up to the machine, and I was “aware” of having it removed…much like one is “aware” of someone touching them. Other than that, I was only aware of an incredible staff and the fact that I was done before I would have really begun with the more traditional route. I started on Monday, hit Wednesday and was getting a little tired of the routine, Thursday came and wow, I would be done the next day!! The SAVI device came out on Friday afternoon and I was back to watering the garden and playing my bass in rehearsals by Monday.

If you are in need of radiation, and this is an option for you, go with it.
Love, peace, courage, strength and good health to you all.