Maureen B.

Retail Sales
Myrtle Beach, SC
Treated with SAVI – October 2011

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SAVI treatment is truly a blessing. I had my annual mammogram in July and the next day my gynecologist told me to get additional views. I did and also had an ultrasound. The next day I was referred to a breast surgeon. During the next two months, I had a biopsy, carcinoma diagnosis, MRI, lumpectomy, a SAVI inserted, 10 radiation treatments, and the SAVI removed. Even though I had joked with the nurse at my radiologist’s office that SAVI must have been invented by a man, because no female would do that to another woman, I am fortunate to have this treatment.

It was weird to have the catheter sticking out for 10 days, and a bit difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position, but the insertion was almost painless and removal was easy. It was less than 3 weeks from surgery to catheter removal – you can’t get any better that that. Radiation was easy and fast, and I returned to my normal routine, thanks to SAVI and a really great, compassionate, and caring medical team.