Michelle B.

Administrative Assistant
Burbank, CA
Treated with SAVI – January 2010

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When I was first diagnosed and started learning about my treatment options, I knew I did not want whole breast radiation. Six weeks is a huge interruption to your life, and I didn’t like the sound of the side effects that come with the treatment. I certainly did not want that. When my surgeon, Dr. Deanna Attai, mentioned SAVI, I knew that was the treatment I wanted. At first, I didn’t realize you had to meet certain criteria for SAVI – but fortunately for me, I turned out to be eligible.

I loved that my treatment with SAVI was over with so quickly, and that it just addressed the area where the cancer was mostly likely to return. I didn’t have to worry about doing damage to my heart or lungs. Having the device in my breast was a little uncomfortable, but I hardly felt anything during the treatment. My radiation oncologist was Dr. Lauren VanderSpek and her staff was terrific. I would take naps between my treatments, but by the time I returned to work, I was as good as new.

I’m so fortunate SAVI was available. I am not a good person to be sick because I like to be on the go all the time. I have to exercise because I love food, and six weeks of radiation would have really put a damper on my normal routine. Having cancer is stressful enough to begin with, I couldn’t imagine having to go through six weeks of treatment. SAVI made the whole experience much less traumatic, and I’m grateful I had such a wonderful team working with me. The whole process was quite fascinating.