Michelle T.

Program Analyst
Baltimore, MD
Treated with SAVI – August 2011

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After a biopsy that was benign, my doctor and I decided to remove the lump anyway. Due to scheduling, the surgery was done 60 days later. We were both shocked when the pathology revealed I had breast cancer.

After a second surgery to remove some lymph nodes, my doctor, Dr. Gauri Bedi at the Hoffberger Breast Center in Mercy Hospital in Baltimore, explained the SAVI procedure to my husband and me so we could think about all the available options. I wanted the least invasive procedure possible. Dr. Bedi recommended the SAVI. After some testing and some research, I decided this was the procedure for me. I liked the fact that I would only need 5 days of treatment instead of 33 days over 6 and a half weeks.

The insertion was done with a local anesthetic and even though I could watch the ultrasound image, I didn’t know it was there. In fact, I drove home after the insertion. The following week I had my treatments and drove myself to and from the Cancer Center every day.

I highly recommend this procedure to anyone for whom it is an option.