SAVI Sister - Millie C.

Millie C.

Bismarck, IL
Treated with SAVI – March 2013

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I was very shocked when I was told I had cancer. The doctors in the small town where I live know nothing of the SAVI 5-day treatment, so I was lucky that my daughter, who lives in Indianapolis, found a Breast Center where I could go for treatment.

My surgeon’s name was Dr. Monet Bowling in Indianapolis and my Radiation Oncologist was Dr. Jennifer Zook, also in Indianapolis. I try to tell everyone what wonderful doctors these ladies are. I would tell anyone that would listen about these great doctors and the benefit of this breast cancer therapy. I have already talked to several groups in my small town about this procedure. None of them had heard of about brachytherapy.

Women in small towns don’t know that this type of 5-day treatment is even available. I will do my best to give out this information to other women. I want all women to know what their options are when facing breast cancer.