SAVI Sister - Nancie E.

Nancie E.

Retired Secretary
Benson, Arizona
Treated with SAVI – August 2014

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Like so many other SAVI Sisters, my cancer was found and diagnosed through a routine yearly mammogram.

My surgeon was Dr. Eric Whitacre and my radiation oncologist was Dr. Marilyn Croghan. My experience with both of these doctors was wonderful. Both were so excited to find out I was a good candidate for the SAVI device even at my age of 75. They both expressed their eagerness and happiness to bring this to me. I was made aware of other types of treatments, and I thought “Okay, but why, if I could have SAVI?”

I had never heard of SAVI before, but with two doctors being this enthused how could I go wrong with the choice? Bonus for me was the fact the whole darn thing could be over in less than a month! There was NO PAIN involved. I only had to take very few Tylenol for some discomfort on the day they placed the SAVI device. Perhaps this was mostly psychological as I looked down at this strange but wonderful tool projecting from my breast. Energy during radiation was a little low but not bad, my husband joked that I finally slowed down a little for a while.

I would absolutely recommend SAVI to a friend (even a foe!) with the same diagnosis. I would beg and plead with them to research and consider SAVI treatment. Now I say bless the SAVI device, bless the doctors and researchers and bless all of us.

A proud SAVI Sister,
Nan Elliott