Olive L.

St. Charles, IL
Treated with SAVI – January 2013

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I had gone 8 years between mammograms. My daughter said I needed a PAP, so I found a new ob/gyn. I got a mammogram in November 2012 at Delnor Community Hospital. The mammogram showed a biopsy was necessary. The biopsy showed I had DCIS. If I my daughter hadn’t “nudged” me to get the PAP, I would never have found it. I encourage ladies, who like myself, are over the age of 65, to get rid of the notion that they are immune to breast cancer.

My surgeon, Dr. Nahra Lee, suggested the SAVI treatment. Dr. Lee then sent me to Dr. Christy Kesslering, my radiation oncologist at CDH Proton Center in Naperville. I also saw Dr. Dragna Tomic, an oncologist, to discuss my treatment after radiation. I decided not to use Tamoxafin following radiation.

SAVI was highly recommended. I did research online to find out more about it. Dr. Lee gave me a book to read about breast cancer and the many options, including external whole breast radiation, but I was encouraged to do SAVI because it concentrates on the tumor area directly. I have what’s called a left branch bundle block so I was very concerned about the radiation penetrating my rib area—SAVI put my mind at ease regarding radiation saturation. I also liked that it had no side effects and was a shorter treatment time of five days. Going through six weeks of radiation would have prevented me from being available to help my daughter with her daycare when needed.

The only thing I noticed I needed during treatment was a nap for about an hour after returning home from the morning treatment. I experienced no complications or discomfort whatsoever. When it was inserted, I remarked, “Wow, it’s in already?” I was told I would feel pressure, maybe some discomfort when they removed it—never felt a thing. Dr. Kesslering commented it was the easiest one she had ever done.

I must say I have had more ladies ask me about SAVI once I told them what I had done! They were most interested to know that there are other options out there.