SAVI Sister - Ophelia L.

Ophelia L.

Wilmington, DE
Treated with SAVI – September 2013

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After having my yearly mammogram, I received a call asking me to come back to have a repeat of my mammogram. I had the repeat, and an ultrasound and was sent to speak with the radiologist. He went over my film with me and recommended that I see a surgeon.

I had my biopsy and lumpectomy done by Dr. Emily Penman at the Women’s Breast Center in the Helen Graham Cancer Center. I was diagnosed with DCIS. She sent me to Dr. Jon Strasser, a Radiation Oncologist, as well as Dr. David Biggs, a medical oncologist.

Dr. Strasser explained the traditional whole breast radiation and SAVI partial breast radiation treatment. He told me I qualified for SAVI, and he showed me the catheter and just how it worked. My treatment would be twice a day for five days, while the traditional whole breast radiation would take 6 to 7 weeks! So I chose the SAVI.

The nurses and technicians were so supportive. I am so glad there was SAVI when I needed to have the treatment!