SAVI Sister - Pamela B.

Pamela B.

Nashville, TN
Treated with SAVI – July 2014

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After “failing” a mammogram in May of 2014, I then had a second one and an ultrasound that showed 2 spots that needed to be looked at. I diagnosed in June of 2014.

My surgeon was Dr. Patrick Whitworth and my radiation oncologist was Dr. Kenneth Lloyd. I had the most wonderful team of doctors that I could’ve hoped for. I was a good candidate for SAVI and my team highly recommended it. I had never heard of SAVI before my doctors mentioned it.

We talked about several treatments, and at one point it looked like traditional radiation would be needed. Turned out, the markers in my breast had shifted and were readjusted. SAVI was back on.

SAVI only took 5 days to complete, was not invasive, and I didn’t lose any lymph nodes. The cost was much lower than traditional treatments, simply because there weren’t so many of them, and I was never put under for procedures. That saved a lot of money.

My experience with SAVI was wonderful. There was some soreness, I was tired, but that was a drop in the bucket compared to what I’ve seen some friends go through. The worst part for me was after the radiation treatments when I was so tired I stayed in bed all day, but that passed in a few days. I highly recommend SAVI.

I signed up for the After Breast Cancer group at my YMCA. That has been a real blessing: Group support, a gym membership for 6 months (which really helped, since we’re still paying medical bills) and a personal trainer.

There was a woman in my treatment group from a small town outside of Nashville. Her local doctor at first told her she would need a total mastectomy. She came to Nashville for a second opinion. Turns out she could do the SAVI treatment. We need to get the word out about SAVI, not just to women, but to doctors as well. Not all of them know about it.