SAVI Sister - Pat S.

Pat S.

Realtor/Conveyancer/Notary Public
Philadelphia, PA
Treated with SAVI – December 2014


In August of 2014, I went for a routine annual mammogram. The radiologist always looks at it right away because of the numerous cysts I have had through the years. Every year I am so stressed getting my mammogram because it usually means an ultrasound followed by aspirations. This time however, I was so happy because I was told everything was fine, just a lot of cysts and to return in August 2015. I was getting into my car when I received a phone call from the radiologist to come back for an ultrasound. They said they saw something suspicious and wanted to do a biopsy. Needless to say, the pathology report came back a few days later showing cancer. I was so upset and did not want to burden my children with this awful news.

I didn’t know which way to turn. The hospital had set up an appointment for me to meet a surgeon. My family felt I should also go for a second opinion. A few days later my gynecologist called and recommended me to see Dr. Dahlia Satiloff from Pennsylvania Hospital. After looking her up, I could tell she would be the surgeon who would help me through this nightmare. I met with her and she arranged for my pre-surgery testing. On Friday afternoon, Dr. Satiloff called me and said that the MRI showed something on the other breast and asked if I wanted to cancel surgery until they biopsied that lump. I told her no, lets do the surgery and after we could do the biopsy on the other side. I felt like I was going crazy with all this bad news and the terrible waiting each time for results. Monday morning I had the lumpectomy and the margins were clear and no chemo was required. I had the other breast biopsied and it showed a benign fiberadenoma. Dr. Satiloff and her team were incredible. She had me meet with radiation oncologist Dr. Suneel N. Nagda who I immediately felt was so knowledgeable. He explained the SAVI procedure and said I was a good candidate for it.

The insertion procedure was totally painless and I started treatment two days later. Each morning I would drive to the hospital at 8 o’clock, have the cat scan and treatment, drive to work and return for the next cat scan and treatment at 3 o’clock. I worked every day and had no side effects whatsoever. On the last evening, I was so worried about the removal procedure, I barely slept, but it was also painless. All the staff cheered for me that it was over but I was so nervous and couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t so happy this was over. They told me that was normal. I guess it’s just the worry that it will come back.

I feel that having SAVI radiation was a blessing. I was lucky I did not need chemotherapy, but I guess I also felt guilty sitting with everyone waiting for their treatments and hearing their stories of just beginning and having to go through 30 days of radiation versus my five days.

Until August 8th, I never prayed so much in my life. Each treatment I held my medal of St. Peregrine, the cancer saint, and felt he helped me and my family get through this. I was extremely happy with SAVI and keep praying that I will continue to get good results.