Patricia C.

Stay-at-home mom
Woodbridge, VA
Treated with SAVI – November 2010

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I was diagnosed with Stage 0 DCIS in March 2010. I had a biopsy, followed by a lumpectomy. My surgeon promptly sent me to get whole breast radiation for seven weeks. The radiation oncologist never told me I might be a candidate for SAVI.

Fortunately, I found out about SAVI on the internet. The next thing I did was search online for a doctor who offered SAVI and found one near my home. Dr. Weintritt said I was a good candidate, and after an MRI showed I was clear in both breasts, I was eligible to get my radiation with SAVI.

The whole experience was painless for me. I had no side effects, not even fatigue. The doctor said removing SAVI is usually the worst part, but it wasn’t bad at all. Dr. Robert Hong and his staff at the Virginia Hospital Center treated me with such care, I will actually miss the people there.

I hope every woman takes time to get an annual mammogram. The earlier it’s detected, the better the chances might be that you’ll be able to choose SAVI. I hope one day technology will enable every woman to get treatment like this.