Raylene G.

San Jacinto, CA
Treated with SAVI – August/September 2010

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My family and I have a long history of battling different types of cancer. I had cervical and uterine cancer about 20 years ago, and my sister had breast cancer about three years ago. I now have breast cancer, and my sister now has lung cancer. It’s just incredible how much treatment for cancer has improved over the past several years.

When I was treated for cervical and uterine cancer about two decades ago, I didn’t think I would survive the harsh treatment. And even just three years back, when my sister was treated for breast cancer, her entire back and chest were burned from whole breast radiation. I knew I didn’t want the risk of such strong side effects, so SAVI seemed like a great alternative.

Insertion of the device was virtually painless – I felt the shots to numb the area more than anything else! I was a little less energetic than normal during treatment, and removal of the SAVI device was quick, but somewhat uncomfortable. I healed very quickly and, all in all, I am extremely grateful for how easy the SAVI treatment was.

It was also a relief to have the treatment time shortened to only five days. I live about an hour and a half from the hospital, and I can’t imagine how exhausted I would be driving back and forth for weeks on end. I take care of two grandchildren who live with me, and I don’t think I would have been able to care for them with a longer course of radiation.