Rebecca W.

Criminal Appeals Attorney
Daytona Beach, FL
Treated with SAVI – December 2008


It’s never your lucky day when you find out you have breast cancer. But I was fortunate that my cancer turned out to be small and in an early stage. I had been overdue for my mammogram. I’m glad I didn’t wait longer.

After my lumpectomy, my surgeon discussed radiation options with me. He didn’t think whole breast radiation was necessary for me so he focused on balloon brachytherapy and SAVI. He said these treatments could be completed in five days, instead of several weeks for whole breast radiation. I thought that was a tremendous advantage.

The surgeon then referred me to a radiation oncologist who discussed the treatments in more detail and showed me the SAVI device. I liked the way the radiation could be individually controlled in each of the catheters and aimed precisely at the tumor area. It was more targeted than the balloon, so that’s the option my radiation oncologist and I chose.

I was told that SAVI produced such mild side effects that I could work during the treatment period, but I chose not to. Christmas was around the corner so I decided to take some time off and spend it with my husband. We went Christmas shopping and did other things we enjoy. We’re close anyway but that was a really good time for us.

I was comfortable during the few days of treatment, even sleeping. I choose to take it easy, but the fact is I could have done more. The device didn’t limit me. I easily could have worked but it was nice to have the freedom to indulge!

Once the treatment was over, I was amazed that it could be so effective with so few after-effects. I really appreciate that SAVI was available when I needed it. It was perfect for me.