SAVI Sister - Rochelle C.

Rochelle C.

Retired English Teacher
Sachse, TX
Treated with SAVI – July 2015


My cancer experience began in 2000 when an invasive cancer was discovered in my left breast. There were not many treatment options at that time, therefore I completed the standard 6-7 week radiation treatment. Until 2015, I was cancer free for 15 years. This time a zero-stage noninvasive cancer was discovered in my right breast during a routine yearly mammogram. I am grateful I was able to receive the SAVI treatment this time, as compared to the daily radiation treatment I received all those years ago.

For the most part, the SAVI treatment was easy. I found it ironically humorous that the preparation every day took longer than the 7-10 minute actual treatment! There were some uncomfortable moments, such as growing accustomed to the wires hanging from my arm as well as some discomfort with the insertion and removal of the catheter, but that didn’t last long. Unfortunately, I did have a reaction to the adhesives which were used and this caused me some post procedure discomfort as well.

But in spite of these unforeseen setbacks, I would definitely choose the SAVI treatment again rather than the standard 6-7 week radiation procedure. Basically, it was so much easier and will allow me more flexibility if I ever have to face breast cancer again.

I am very pleased with the professionalism of my breast surgeon, Dr. Beth Anglin, my Medical Oncologist, Dr. Michael Savin and my Radiologist Oncologist, Dr. Mark Engleman.