SAVI Sister - Ruth A.

Ruth A.

Lisle, IL
Treated with SAVI – August 2014

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In 2014, I was diagnosed for a second time with cancer, stage 0. This time it was in my breast. The first time I had cancer, it was in my endometrium so I had a hysterectomy and was “all better” in no time! This second time was similar, thanks to SAVI. With quick work, we were able to use the five days of radiation and to be done with cancer quickly and hopefully forever!

The scan was on Friday and the SAVI device was put in. On Monday, they rescanned me and on Tuesday the radiation treatments began. Because I had moved around a lot, they spent some time making sure the device was properly placed. They wanted to make sure that the radiation went where it was supposed to go. Once I realized that this contraption was going to be a part of me for the next week, I let go of my freaking out and had faith in God. I imagined angel wings surrounding me. As I went in for the scans the angels surrounded me. It was a great feeling! For the next week, I was surrounded by the Holy Spirit and have felt great ever since…no more down days remarkably!

We are very lucky if we qualify for the SAVI treatment as not everyone is eligible. My doctors were awesome as were the nurses. Dr. Theresa Lee was the surgeon and Dr. Anand Shah was the radiation oncologist at the new Cancer center in Lisle, Illinois. I had a nurse navigator who set everything up. Even taking out the device was a piece of cake. The only problem I had afterwards was an allergic reaction to some band-aids. After that I stuck to paper tape and kept it clean with fragrance-free Dove soap and Vitamin E oil afterwards. The incision site healed nicely and I was able to clean my house again.

My advice is to enjoy the attention and stay positive. It is also good to find one person…we call them Stephen Ministers at our church…that you can complain to…that way, your family and friends do not have to listen to your complaining! I am a Stephen Minister and that training got me though this.