SAVI Sister - Sandra B.

Sandra B.

Double Oak, Texas
Treated with SAVI – September 2012

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At my annual mammogram, the results showed a growth deep inside my breast, so I had another mammogram and ultrasound. From there, a biopsy and sure enough….it was cancer. I knew very little about the different types of breast cancer. I had invasive ductal carcinoma (IDC) stage one, caught in the early stages. It was a very small tumor. The lump could not be felt from the outside.

I never heard of SAVI, nor did I know anything about radiation. But I had a lumpectomy and the SAVI inserted and radiation treatments began. My surgeon was Dr. Kerri L. Perry in Denton, Texas. My radiation oncologist was Dr. Jeffery D. Morton at Texas Oncology-Denton-South.

To me, the biggest benefit of SAVI is that it was concentrated on a specific area of my breast, so less radiation to healthy tissue. Also the time factor—with the SAVI, I only had 5 days, twice a day of radiation, whereas whole breast radiation would have been for 7 weeks, 5 days a week. To me, the quicker the better for treatment.

My experience during the treatment was great! The medical staff was quite friendly and answered my questions. Nice waiting room for my hubby. No long delays in getting my treatments. I was quite comfy there and trusted them all. I named my SAVI device “Octi,” like an octopus with his many legs (the wires that connected to the radiation machine). I got to be buddies with him.

It took only about a day to get used to the SAVI. Not much discomfort at all as I wore a wonderful sports bra—Fruit of the Loom—that hooks in the front…Walmart came to the rescue. It was comfy to wear too and could tuck Octi’s legs inside. I did miss showering, so thank goodness for baby wipes, and sponge baths. My energy level was low, but all in all, I didn’t feel much different.

The insertion was not bad. A few pricks of a needle, then all was ok. I didn’t have any complications. One time, during radiation on about the 4th day, when the radiation went down the tube, I felt a very brief pain. But it lasted only a few seconds just that one time. I was quite impressed with the SAVI device. I would recommend the SAVI to my friends and strangers. I’m so thankful for SAVI and that I got a chance to use it!