SAVI Sister - Sharon N.

Sharon N.

Baton Rouge, LA
Treated with SAVI – January 2015

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It all started with my yearly mammogram. This year my mammogram looked different than last year. I was called back for an ultrasound scan and another mammogram. They found that I had a lump. I was scheduled for a biopsy and the result of that biopsy was that I had breast cancer. Wow, what a shock! There is no history of cancer in our family, so I am the first.

I feel so blessed to have been able to qualify to use the SAVI treatment for my breast cancer. I was able to go twice a day for five days and I was finished. Fantastic!

The radiation treatment went smoothly and the people that helped me in that process were a great group of people. I have been blessed and I am thankful.

I would recommend the SAVI to any woman who qualifies for it. God Bless.