Sheryl D.

Math Teacher
Vero Beach, FL
Treated with SAVI – July 2010

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After my yearly check-up in February 2010, I (like many other teachers) decided I would schedule my mammogram during the summer. However, all that would change in April 2010, when I felt a lump during a monthly self exam.

In the beginning of May, I scheduled my mammogram to have the lump checked. By the end of May, I was having a biopsy which indicated the lump had cancer cells. My first question was, “How could this be, no one in my family has or had breast cancer? Why me, I’m only 48?”

After the shock semi-wore off, it was time to put the wheels in motion. I contacted Dr. Rosenburg, who came highly recommended, to set up a consultation. We discussed surgery, radiation, & chemotherapy. She explained I was qualified to receive the SAVI device as long as the lymph nodes were clear. She arranged for me to meet with Dr. Komarnicky to further discuss the SAVI device and procedure.

A few days later, I met with Dr. Komarnicky, who thoroughly explained SAVI, partial breast radiation, and whole breast radiation. By the end of the consultation, it was perfectly clear to me: I would prefer the SAVI procedure if the lymph nodes were negative. Why damage good skin, tissue and cells on the breast when I could have a procedure that would directly radiate the area that previously contained the cancerous tumor?

My surgery was at the end of June 2010 and on June 28, 2010, Dr. Komarnicky inserted the SAVI catheter. The following day, I began the first of five days of radiation. The device was painless, easy to take care of, and the only side effect I had was being a little tired due to sleeping upright to avoid rolling onto my stomach. The treatments were painless – each treatment was about ten to eleven minutes long, during which I enjoyed listening to some smooth jazz music.

On July 6, 2010, I finished my treatments and the SAVI catheter was removed. I feel great and truly thankful. The SAVI device is amazing – in two months time, I discovered a lump, had surgery and utilized SAVI to be breast cancer free. And like most teachers this time of year, I am totally enjoying my summer vacation with my family.