SAVI Sister - Sue T.

Sue T.

Retired Registered Nurse
Austin, Texas
Treated with SAVI – August 2015

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My breast cancer was discovered during a routine mammogram. I feel very blessed that the favorable path report and stage (1a ) allowed me to have SAVI brachytherapy as a treatment option.

My surgeon, Dr. Kevin O’Farrell and my radiation oncologist at Texas Oncology, the awesome Dr. Catherine Wu, were familiar with SAVI and felt very positive about this type of radiation therapy. I chose it because it saved normal tissue from exposure and took only 5 days.

It was somewhat challenging to skip showers for 5 days and the SAVI placement was uncomfortable at times because of the positioning in my breast. My advice to others is to buy two loose-fitting sports bras that have closure in the front. I got mine (Playtex) at Walmart. I also got a large package of baby wipes for body cleaning. All in all, I am pleased with my experience and very grateful to whomever developed this option!