Susie L.

Escrow Officer
Temple, TX
Treated with SAVI – August 2012

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I had a routine mammogram in July and was called in for a second look. They took several more pictures and an ultrasound and decided they needed a biopsy. I received news of my diagnosis of early stage invasive ductal carcinoma on July 18, 2012.

For treatment, I was offered a lumpectomy with full breast radiation, SAVI or complete mastectomy. I had never heard of SAVI, but I chose it because of the short amount of time involved with treatments: one week instead of 6 weeks of full breast radiation.

My surgeon was Dr. Emilia Dauway and my radiation oncologist was Dr. Niloyjyoti Deb. They are both at Scott and White Hospital in Temple, Texas. I love them both dearly. The nurses in Dr. Deb’s office were phenomenal. I had a technician who did all but one of my treatments named Tina and she and I really bonded. I liked her a lot.

Even though I was a little tired and the device was uncomfortable to sleep with, it was tolerable for one week and my incision healed very well. Six weeks of radiation treatments would have taken away time from my family and friends and my work. I would most definitely recommend SAVI to a friend.