SAVI Sister - Terri B.

Terri B.

Executive Assistant at The University of Texas at Austin
Manor, TX
Treated with SAVI – October 2013

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I mentioned to my gynecologist during my annual exam that I had received notices with past mammogram reports about having dense breast tissue, so he ordered an ultrasound along with my annual mammogram. The DCIS was detected in the ultrasound and confirmed with a biopsy.

My treatment options were a lumpectomy with full radiation for 6-7 weeks or partial breast radiation with SAVI. Full radiation was explained to me, but SAVI was pretty much presented as the only option if I was deemed eligible.

SAVI came highly recommended by my surgeon, Dr. Bridget Brady, and my radiation oncologist, Dr. Carl Nuesch, because the duration of the treatment was so much shorter, which was the biggest benefit for me. Both of my doctors were terrific.

It was explained to me how the site where the SAVI would be inserted would be bandaged, so I decided to take the week off from work so that I didn’t have to explain. However, I had to go through three surgical procedures to get the clear margin of healthy tissue before I could start the SAVI treatment. This threw my work schedule off so I ended up needing to work while I was receiving treatment. The treatments were not painful and didn’t take very long, but I was very tired by the end of each day. I was still able to drive myself to and from work and the treatments with no problems. I ran out of large tops to cover the bulge pretty fast, so I had to wear my husband’s shirts to work.

When I was diagnosed with DCIS and told that I would need to have a lumpectomy, I just thought that they found something wrong with me and was going to fix it with surgery and that was it. The diagnosis really hit home when I was told that I would also have to see an ONCOLOGIST and have radiation treatment. It took me about a week to accept this before I could actually talk to others about it. Looking back, the experience was not that traumatic. I was fortunate that they found my cancer in its very early stages. And I would absolutely recommend SAVI to a friend or anyone who was eligible.