Rebecca Wall

Terri K.

Customer Service Manager
Niles, IL
Treated with SAVI – May 2010


I was diagnosed with breast cancer from my yearly mammogram. I had a lumpectomy, and then my surgeon told me I needed to have radiation that would take about 20-33 treatments. I couldn’t believe it would take 33 days out of my life to have this done. I questioned everything. Why do I need this if they have taken everything out and now everything is clear? I did a lot of research, and I came across some articles on the internet that talked about brachytherapy, a radiation treatment that only lasts five days. The articles said you have to be the right candidate for brachytherapy – but I knew this treatment was for me.

When I went to my radiation oncologist, she started to tell me about my choices, but I broke in right away and stated that I wanted brachytherapy. She explained how it all worked and then she verified that I was, in fact, a good candidate for the treatment.

At first, I was supposed to have my treatment with a balloon catheter. But when they inserted the catheter, there was too much air in the cavity, so I had to wait a few days. When I came back, they told me there was still air in the cavity and that the catheter was too close to my skin. I was not a happy camper. But the saving grace was a new catheter called SAVI – that afternoon they took the balloon out and put SAVI in.

Even though there were several delays throughout my treatment, my doctors were able to overcome them and I’m still glad I chose this path. I would definitely recommend it to other women. I think SAVI is great – I hope someday everyone is a candidate for treatment with SAVI.