SAVI Sister - Vicki K.

Vicki K.

Insurance Agent
Spokane Valley, WA
Treated with SAVI – July 2013

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My cancer was discovered following my regular annual mammogram, an ultra sound and a biopsy. Even though it was upsetting, my doctors and all the medical personnel who worked with me were very informative and wonderfully comforting.

Dr. Stephanie Moline was my surgeon and my radiation oncologist was Dr. Wayne Lamoreaux. I was to have a lumpectomy followed by either traditional whole breast radiation or SAVI with five twice-a-day treatments. But the SAVI device came highly recommended as my best option for treatment.

The length of only 5 treatment days was the best part of SAVI, as well as the ease of set-up for each treatment. I was still able to work a few hours a day and my limitations for activity were minor. Surprisingly, my energy level was great throughout the treatment. Dr. Moline told me she used a “top of breast” placement, which made activity and sleeping more comfortable. It was much less restrictive than traditional whole breast radiation would have been and I experienced very little pain. I’m so glad SAVI was available to me and I would recommend SAVI to anyone.